Wednesday, August 23, 2017

RG 1/144 WIP- MSZ-006-3 Zeta Gundam III

Working on the skirts felt rather strange since their mounts are attached to the legs instead of the waist.

I took the time to handpaint some details as masking would be less practical in this situation. Also, there's a seam on the forearms, so those had to be dealt with.

The large decal for the shield was exceedingly difficult to align even after wetting, so I cut it into three parts during application.

Finally done. Instead of the stock beam effect, I'll be using a larger one intended for 1/100 models.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

HG 1/144 WIP- MSN-001-2 Delta Gundam II

Here is my first attempt at candy. I'll be doing two tones for the build, and for this particular batch, I've used a light bronze for the base and topped with clear red.
I've kept the clear coat rather thin so it looks more like brushed metal which I think is more suitable for Gundam-type MS because they're more angular.

 Comparing the candy red I've done to the original color. The wing binder parts have already been cemented together, so the fins have been C-modded because they'll be painted in a different tone.

 It's such a strange feeling to have gone through the trouble of getting a hold of a red Delta, only to paint it gold in preparation for candy.

 Finally started snapping parts together.
Looks like the candy is largely successful and the decals didn't come out as glaring as I'd feared.

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